Welcome to House Collective

Your Brand is the common thread that connects all of your customers. It’s that sense of belonging we want to foster and familiarity from shared experiences that we aim to nurture and grow.

At House Collective, we believe that creating meaningful customer connections is key to building a sustainable business. We can help you do that through Done-For-You Local + eCommerce Marketing Solutions. 

While we specialize in Email Marketing, Digital Ads, and Websites, everything we do begins with a Strategic Marketing Plan to maximize your business’ revenue and growth potential.

We're not your typical Agency

In this highly competitive space – filled with quick fixes and silver bullet solutions – we know that the average Client usually hires a Digital Marketing Agency for just one to three months and then moves on to the next. 

We also know that if you’ve found yourself here, that you’re not the average Client. You’re probably an experienced in-house marketing manager, innovative entrepreneur and a conscious brand who shares our interest in Social Good + Sustainability. You probably take pride in your team, quality of work, and care about the value your reputation holds – the way we do. You also probably have Customers that are more like Business Partners – they are your brand advocates, they stick around, and they tell all of their friends about you – just like ours. 

If you’re looking for a Marketing Team to help your business launch, level-up or grow in impact and value – let’s chat.

We believe in Sustainability

We’re in the business of building Sustainable Brands. This means we put your Legacy first and the Marketing Strategies we develop and implement are always done with the long-game in mind.


House Collective has shared our marketing magic with more than 550 small businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals through our Client Community, Workshops and Partnerships, since launching in 2017.


While the typical Digital Marketing Agency is hired for just one to three months, our Clients parter with us an average of twenty-five months – the longest partnership being fifty-three months (close to five years and counting.)

Million Dollars

House Collective has helped our Clients achieve more than thirty-two million dollars in revenue. From Start-ups to Legacy Brands, we understand what it takes to thoughtfully and strategically get your business to the next level.

Our work together starts with a strong foundation


The framework for your long-term success. Before we build your Marketing Tactics, let’s get clear on your purpose and brand. Together, we’ll create that special something that helps shape your customer’s perception of your business.


A map provides your framework and helps to move you in the right direction. That’s what our Strategic Marketing Planning is all about. We’ll work as Partners to develop actionable tactics that help you reach your ideal targets and sales goals.

Here's how we can help

Email Marketing

Save time, gain efficiencies and create meaningful customer connections with automated and thoughtful email marketing. Proven sequences and compelling content creates big impact.


Promote your Brand, generate sales, and build your online community with paid Digital Advertising. Our approach is data-driven to ensure we leverage your budget and reach your goals.


Make a good first impression and stand out among competitors. A well-designed, SEO-friendly website with rich content is essential to building your Brand Community.

Ways we can work together

Your Trusted Marketing Team

Ideal for Clients who need a Done-For-You Business Growth system with a proven suite of Marketing services that FEELS, WORKS and  DELIVERS like a trusted in-house Marketing Team. Select one solution or our bundle of services. Every client receives a dedicated, fractional CMO for Brand Strategies + Integrated Marketing Planning. By application only. Three month minimum.


Starts at $10,497

High-Touch 4-Week Blueprint Workshop

In this Done-With-You workshop, ideal for Solo Entrepreneurs, Micro Businesses and Start-Ups, we’ll develop a marketing blueprint to help define your strategy and give you clear Marketing direction to DIY tactics on your own. We’ll meet each week, over the course of 4 weeks. You’ll be assigned homework to complete and together, we’ll create:





Our biggest frustration was not knowing where to start and how it all fit in the big picture. Sarah has such a great energy and understanding of what needs to be done. I had a clear plan to move forward – the logjam was unjammed! Sarah is truly and genuinely invested in our success, has an incredible knowledge base and can connect the dots for us. She just gets it.  

Lucy Kelleher, Board of Directors President


My biggest frustration was that I wasn’t doing anything… Working with Sarah helped me SHOW UP on a consistent basis and share my offers. I was super excited to engage and connect with my customers online. The best part is that people were messaging me saying, “I love what you’re doing!” Since working with Sarah, I have been able to grow my business with confidence. 

Renee Vernon, Photogpraher & Martha Beck Life Coach


Before working with Sarah I had tried a few things but didn’t know if they were effective or not. Sarah’s input added not just strategy, but specific tactics to improve my company’s reputation and reach. I’d recommend working with House Collective because they provide a range of solutions that can be implemented either immediately or over time. It is truly a comprehensive solution.

Kathryn Dodson, PhD
Book Coach


We had fumbled around, blindly, trying things without real insight into what was working and what wasn’t. Sarah and her Team are thoughtful, strategic, and talented. Working with Sarah has freed up time and energy for us. We feel more confident in our ability to attract more partners, donors and customers.

Marissa Johnson, Executive Director


Prior to working with Sarah my marketing was limited to platforms I had used over many years and was comfortable with. I discovered through Sarah integrated solutions and new, untapped ways to reach my target audience. With her and her team, you get professionalism, positivity, and creativity.

Sean Johnson, President


They have created exactly what we asked them to – a reliable lead generation system that we can turn on/off when we need. Our lowest cost per acquisition is through these efforts. I know how fantastic Sarah and her team are, and appreciate that they treat our business like their own.

Brian Milholland, NABCEP Certified 


Our Growing Community

To create SUSTAINABLE GROWTH we believe that marketing should be a REAL, AUTHENTIC and ALIGNED extension of your business.